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read me like an open book

(with half the pages torn out)

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We used to dream such big dreams. Eyes like saucers, swelling at the possibilities, the wonder&excitement. I want to go back to that time, when raindrops tasted of strawberry mist and a hint of peach spritz, when my heart lived on digital paper in words so thinly veiled, when you knew me even though you didn't because we were the same soul, the same stories refracted from different sides of the same crystal. We just need to find a source of light again.
&history; Formerly [info]_stardust, renamed to chasethestars in March 2006. Before that, I was stacee, beforedawn, _frisson, and maybe some others I don't remember now, but this is the account I'm sticking with (and the only one still in active use). I used to periodically purge my journal of entries, but have since learned to just make them private instead. Entries that were in this journal from October 2003 to March 2006 have been manually added back in in November 2007, but everything from the mass delete before that is gone forever, as are the comments. Never again.
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