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25 February 2016 @ 11:24 am
Goodbye, LiveJournal. You can now find me here:
Twitter: @chasethestars
Instagram: @insta_cey
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26 October 2006 @ 01:05 pm
layout help communities
This is my personal journal. Please do not ask me for help with your layout. There are layout help communities for that.

general/everything: s2howto, s2styles, everything_lj

Bloggish: s2bloggish, s2_bloggish
Boxer: boxer_help
Component: component_help
Dear Diary: s2deardiary
Expressive: s2expressive
Flexible Squares: s2flexisquares
Gradient Strip: s2gradientstrip
Haven: s2haven
Mixit: same as Expressive
Nebula: s2nebula
Opal: opal_help
Quite Lickable: s2lickable
Smooth Sailing: s2smoothsailing
Style Contest: same as Bloggish
Tranquility II: s2_tranquility and s2tranquility2
Unearthed: s2unearthed
Variable Flow: s2variableflow
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